Bio: Ex-journalist, lapsed writer, sometimes teacher, Francophile (not James Franco), candlestick-maker. After a lengthy sabbatical from all forms of writing, I've retaken to it in the form of blogging, at first. I keep two blogs, with my journalism (Assorted Bylines: http://assortedbylines.wordpress.com) separate from my creative writing (WritersWriteWords:https://writerswritewords.wordpress.com).

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3 Responses to About

  1. luckykaye says:

    Yep, keep writing. Don’t know about you, but I’m finding the discipline of writing 101 is really helping to free the mind and words! Thanks so much for following me – am returning the favour!


    • elasticexile says:

      Thanks! Consistent practice is key I reckon. Can’t remember who said it, but I read that the key to good writing is just continuity of practice and self-editing, and that after about a year of churning out best efforts, even if it’s rubbish, eventually something good will arrive. So I’m preparing to tough it out for a year!


      • luckykaye says:

        I’m still toughing it out after goodness knows how long, but hey…I’m having fun in the meantime. Hope you’re day is a good one!

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