Old Cat

In haiku an old cat is a often a signifier of the season of autumn. Another theme that I have seen elsewhere (though I can’t remember where!) is the the idea of the importance of temporality, and this haiku tries to reflect that. Hopefully it doesn’t try too hard. There’s little worse in poetry than haiku that tries too hard.

An old cat forgets

while he is washing himself-

how many more days?

Now, I realise that a lot of my haiku published here is cat-based. Let me get some others off my chest and we can all move on to non-cat subjects:

Don’t be afraid mice,

he terrorised you back then

but now you’re quicker.


Alone on the roof,

the old cat remembers nights

he would claw and win.

Ahh, now I’ve found in my notes the following, from Masaoka Shiki, which must have inspired the first of mine posted here:

My life –

How much more of it remains?

The night is brief.

Beautiful clarity and lack of pretention in this classic haiku. Reminds that there is much to learn.



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